Specification of the graphene composite dry powder conductive agentJY-GQS01

1.?Brief introduction

The product is composed of few-layer graphene, superconducting high purity carbon nanotubes and superconducting carbon black??as conductive materials. The product?has high purity, good electrical conductivity, high pre-dispersion and excellent physical properties (mechanical, thermal, electrical and other properties).

2.?product properties

l?Excellent conductivity, low amount of conductive agent, high compaction density, small rebound, meet the design requirements of high energy density battery;

l?Efficient three-dimensional conductive network can effectively improve the conductive efficiency, reduce the internal resistance of the battery and improve the performance of the battery;

l?Material defects are less, which is helpful to improve the high temperature performance of the battery;

l?No solvent, high dispersion, high purity and low metal content;

l?Suitable for NCM/NCA/LCO/LMO anode system;

l?Suitable for natural graphite, artificial graphite, silicon carbon anode system

3.?product advantage

l?High pressure solid density, low rebound, suitable for automatic pulping mixing process;

l?It can improve the power density and energy density of lithium battery, prolong the cycle life and improve the rate performance of lithium battery.



4.?Product parameters



Fig.1. The SEM image of JY-GQS01


Fig.2.a The morphology of JY-GQS01 in LPF, b The morphology of JY-GQS01 in ternary

5.?Recommended amount of conductive agent (lithium ion battery application)


6.?Product Usage Guide (Lithium ion battery application)

1)?This product can be used directly, but it needs to be stirred thoroughly before?use

l?Recommended stirring speed:>8 m/s

l?Recommended stirring time8-25 minutes

2)?HSV 9000 or PVDF of similar molecular weight is recommended.?According to the formula ratio, appropriate amount of JY-GQS01 powder was added to PVDF powder or PVDF solution pre-dissolved in NMP, and stirred. Finally, appropriate amount of active material was gradually and slowly added to the mixture and stirred and dispersed evenly, that is, the preparation of electrode slurry was completed

l?Recommended stirring speed:>20?m/s

l?Recommended stirring time4?hours

3)?It is recommended that each step of the batching process be carried out in a dry environment

l?Note: In order to achieve the best performance requirements of this product:When the whole bag of powder can not be consumed at one time, in order to prevent the influence of air moisture absorption of the powder on product quality, the bag mouth must be quickly sealed after use;?Moreover, if the storage time is too long, it is recommended to test the moisture content of the powder in use.

3.?Storage Requirements

The shelf life of the product is 24 months from the date of production under the original sealed condition.

The storage temperature must not exceed 50°C (120°F).


Refer to individual chemical safety technical instructions for product safety and health information.?Information disclosed herein is of a general nature and does not represent product specifications.

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